The operator of the second largest retail chain in the world, the French company Carrefour continues to expand the use of blockchain technology to track supply chains of food products.

According to a press release, after the farmer’s chickens, tomatoes, eggs and oranges, the company will start tracking the blockchain whole milk with microfiltration by adding a new product to your solution Frontera Qualité Carrefour (FQC).

With FQC consumer, skanirovat applied to a product code with a smartphone, get the complete information about the origin of the goods and all members of the supply chain (with names and photos). Customers will be able to see the GPS coordinates of the farmers, to obtain data on nutrition and cows when the milk was received and Packed, and also on quality control all the way product.

Earlier, Carrefour joined blockchain platform IBM Food Trust to monitor the food supply. The use of DLT solutions to improve transparency of food supplies is becoming more and more wide application in the world. New technology is used to monitor the supply of beef, greens, milk, coffee and other products.