In addition to the exclusive distribution on the platform Binance Launchpad token BitTorrent (BTT) manual pad plans to begin the restart from the start of the sentence token, project Fetch.AI, owned by Outlier Ventures. Later in the year on the platform is planned every month to add new token.

The advantages of undertaking representatives Launchpad include providing draft access to almost 10 million users crypto currency exchange Binance and consulting services that allow startups to focus on product development and active implementation in practical use.

As noted in the message Binance to get the list of Launchpad projects must meet all the standards of the crypto currency exchange: to be at a Mature enough stage of development to be ready for a serious scale, have a strong and dedicated team, as well as the potential, through which cryptocurrency ecosystem will be able to move forward.

Recall that launched in 2017 Playground Binance Launchpad from the date of its Foundation held two ICO: for the creators of the financial platform BREAD with the potential of the world’s largest decentralized Bank (they raised $6 million for 216 seconds) and the developers token GIFTO for use in streaming the application Uplive (they raised $3.4 million for 98 seconds).