11 may, Kyiv hosted the international conference Crypto Games Conference in the format of the summit dedicated to the games on the blockchain using the cryptocurrency. The event attracted participants from USA, Canada, China, South Korea, Russia, Belarus, Germany, France, Japan, Ukraine and other countries.

More than 300 representatives of companies from the scope cryptogr, including heavyweights of the industry, participated in the summit: WAX, AxiomZen (developer CryptoKitties), PUBG, WAVES, DMarket, RAWG, DAO Casino and others.

One of the main themes of the conference was the selection of the correct blockchain to create games. Despite the fact that one of the first cryptogr Spells of Genesis is designed based on Counterparty/Bitcoin, by default, most chose on the Ethereum blockchain.

In turn, the developers Parsec Frontiers, it seems, chose the blockchain Neo. According to the report blockchaingamer.biz, EOS, Waves, EtherZero and others will soon be ready to offer alternatives.

The conference brought together speakers from companies such as Terra Virtua, Play2Live, True Flip, Alto, EverdreamSoft, GGRocket and many others. For the first time in Europe on an official visit to the command platform Ether Zero. The conference also called for the number of DAPPs developers of Decentraland, Beyond The Void, Pandarium, Dragonereum, Lordmancer-2, UnicornGo, DAPCAR, ETHTown, Blockchain Cuties and other.

In total, the conference featured more than 30 presentations on the following topics:

  • Announcements, design, mechanics and game design on the blockchain;
  • Game development using smart contracts;
  • Tokenization in-app purchases
  • The use of cryptocurrency in existing games;
  • Methods of promoting game services;
  • Fundraising cryptocurrency for games;
  • Regulation in gaming and the blockchain;
  • ESports, streaming, blockchain and cryptocurrency;
  • The use of cryptocurrency for gambling and services.

The following Crypto Games Conference scheduled for October 2018 and will be held in Minsk.

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