Japanese technology company GMO Internet has announced the release of Cryptknocker, a software client for mining of cryptocurrencies based on the algorithm Equihash using graphics processors. This writes CoinDesk.

According to the statement of the GMO, the new software will be fully free for users, however, to offset the cost of its development program, the company will withhold 2% of the income of miners.

It is reported that Cryptknocker primarily focused on the zcash for mining and other cryptocurrencies based on Equihash with NVIDIA cards. GMO also argues that its product is 2% more efficient than other similar.

In August, GMO Internet has changed the priorities in your cryptocurrency business, giving priority to sales of equipment for mining. Next in descending order are private and cloud mining of crypto-currencies. We also learned that GMO Internet abandoned mining Bitcoin Cash (BCH), sending back in July, all its capacity for the extraction of bitcoin (BTC).

It is noteworthy that in early summer GMO Internet, over a relatively short period of time introduced two new miner on 7-nm chips. In early June, took place the presentation of the GMO miner B2, the first miner that was fully developed in Japan, and a month later was presented to a more powerful miner GMO B3.

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