A group of securities regulators from the U.S. and Canada on Monday announced the “international rally” for combating fraud in the field of cryptocurrency.

The initiative, organized by the North American Association of securities administrators (NASAA), was called “Operation Crypto-cleansing.” The first reported the newspaper Washington Post, after which a number of new details surfaced in the statements of the Department of Commerce and insurance Tennessee state (TDCI) and the securities Department of the state of Texas (TSSB).

“Operation Crypto-sweep,” according to these statements, consists of “approximately 70 consequences and investigations, as well as 35 ongoing or completed enforcement actions that have taken place since the beginning of this month.” In addition, the approach is even more investigations, but it is not clear when you will learn about the associated enforcement measures.

The initiative began to gain momentum in April, when it was established a working group consisting of members of NASAA, to “begin a series of coordinated actions against ICO and investment products related to cryptocurrency,” – said in a statement TDCI. The focus of regulators will be drawn to the initial public coin (ICO) and sales of tokens.

NASAA has not yet commented on the situation, but other agencies involved in the operation, said that the initiative to combat fraud is widespread. Speech, for example, is about enforcement action against cryptomnesia using is pseudo-celebrities like actress Jennifer aniston.

“Announced today is just the tip of the iceberg,” said assistant Commissioner TDCI Frank Borger-Gilligan.

The Director of the enforcement division TSSB Joseph rotunda expressed a similar idea: “the Market for crypto-saturated large-scale investment fraud schemes, and our present work reveals only the tip of the iceberg”.