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Portuguese startup RealFevr intended to provide users with the most exciting experience of playing fantasy sports. The company RealFevr operating since 2015 has become the most popular fantasy sports platform for PC, iOS and Android that provides more than 500 thousand users around the world access to the main football competition of Europe and Latin America. The company recently announced plans to enter the ICO in 2018.

On the way the Team RealFevr reached some important goals, both in terms of business and terms of technical achievement on the platform.

Partnership with Iker Casillas

Recently the team announced that the famous goalkeeper Iker Casillas has officially become the face of the company RealFevr. Iker Casillas – world and European champion with many titles from the National League of Spain for his performances in Real Madrid and FC Porto; goalkeeper who often acted in the Champions League for many teams, and which has a long list of personal achievements.

The company RealFevr excited about this partnership, and it builds a lot of plans to promote together with Casillas. Casillas mentioned RealFevr on Facebook, saying:

“The future of tech! That’s why I joined the platform sports fantasy RealFevr!”

Co-founder and Executive Director Andre Viana RealFevr said that Casillas was the best choice as face of the company:

“We have enormous respect for Iker, and we are proud of our team. Casillas fully reflects the values and way of thinking RealFevr that is committed to quality, responsibility and trust”.

A new look at RealFevr and the world Cup in Russia 2018

Also recently there was a renewal RealFevr for PC, iOS and Android.

The company believes that the updated platform was not enough, so he went on, running on her own world Cup in 2018. Now you will be able to engage in their own team while waiting for the first notes of the national anthem.

In General, all the updates went smoothly RealFevr what technical Director and company co-founder Bruno Tavares said

“We have set an ambitious target, and we really wanted users to be able to get a positive experience with our new brand and new design. The goal was to upgrade immediately — worldwide, across all digital channels RealFevr and without downtime. It was a great success, and we are pleased that each user has acquired a clear and accessible experience with a new brand”.

RealFevr launches its own capotasto

RealFevr plans to issue its own token in the framework of the ICO, the details of which will be published soon on the official website of ICO RealFevr and on the team page in a Medium. It will be a monetary component RealFevr, which will open more game modes, access to leagues, other sports and a number of exciting new features. This will allow RealFevr to build an ecosystem that is ready to take bets on the platform.

Miguel Carmo, Manager of the ICO and co-owner of the company said:

“We are preparing our ICO for 5 months, and finally came to the point where details begin to unfold. Stay tuned for social media”.

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