Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten announced its intention to acquire the Tokyo bitcoin exchange Everybody s Bitcoin. The company entered into an agreement under which October 1, they will close the deal and 2,500 shares of crypto currency exchange (100%) through its subsidiary Rakuten Card Co. will go from the operator, the Traders Investment Inc., to a new owner for 265 million yen ($2.4 million).

As explained in Rakuten Group, the company’s interests are not limited to e-Commerce and affect more than 70 destinations, including tourism, digital content, communications and FINTECH. And the functionality of the cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem, Rakuten is necessary for the smooth implementation of cryptocurrency payments.

Recall that Everybody’s Bitcoin still doesn’t have a license of the financial regulator, and in April this year made the list of kryptomere from which the financial services Agency of Japan (FSA) has demanded to conduct work to address identified inconsistencies and flaws in operating activities. In Rakuten Group intends to complete the licensing process and develop the cryptocurrency services, using the achievements of crypto currency exchange and know-how provider of financial services.

In addition, it is worth Recalling that in the winter of this year, Rakuten announced its intention to release its own crypto currency based on blockchain technology and loyalty program company Rakuten Super Points. Last month it became known that in Russia in purse messenger Viber, the parent company of which is Rakuten, in 2019, planning to run to make purchases cryptocurrency Coin Rakuten.