President of the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) Yuri Pripachkin said that the organization does not refuse intentions to sue Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, accusing them of cartel agreements with the prohibition of placing on these portals advertising cryptocurrency and ICO. The monetary policy of the Facebook in this matter has not changed the position of RAKIB because the social network is still not allowed to advertise ICO projects.

“We will continue, as they did not cancel the restriction by the ICO, and dodavit them to the end. Will adjust slightly our legal position,” Pripachkin said.

The head of the organization is sure that the social network has made adjustments to the policy on accommodation of advertising of cryptoprotocol influenced by RAKIB and Association of crypto-currencies of other countries.

“They (Facebook) is pre-evaluated and realized that they have a legally incorrect position, so to avoid the development of the judicial process at the international level with RAKIB and the Swiss Association of cryptocurrency would prefer to go back on their word,” said he.

We will remind, in April Pripachkin said that the lawsuit against Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn joined the Association, “uniting captainvalor and the blockchain-industry Switzerland, Kazakhstan and Armenia.” According to him, in a class action will have on the Swiss Association InnMind, Armenian and Kazakh Association of developers and users of blockchain technology. Plans RAKIB was to file a lawsuit in state court in new York in may.

Facebook and Instagram banned the is ICO and cryptocurrency in late January. Google has introduced a similar ban in June, and in Yandex it exists since the fall of 2017. Twitter has joined the ban in late March. In addition, 30 APR Mailchimp shut down user accounts that are directly related to the organization and conduct of ICO. Increased requirements for placement of materials on cryptocurrency and on the popular platform of social journalism Medium. Since February, the ICO is removed in Snapchat, theme is also blocked in LinkedIn.