Blockchain is one of the fastest growing markets in the decentralised digital ecosystem. A more thorough analysis 2016-2018 shows that the cryptocurrency market has grown by more than 80 percent over the past 2 years. With such substantial growth, it is predictable that the market volume and number of transactions daily, also increasing constantly. So that the volume of the market of cryptocurrency increased to 269,45 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, starting their way from 14.33 billion dollars is an extremely volatile market.

Although there are many crypto exchanges, only 10 of them can you recognize decent. Raido Financial has carefully examined the current functioning of all these large organizations and suggested a product that is unique and different from all the others, but still has all the best features of all the leading players in the market.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Raido

The first product developed by Financial Raido-Raido this exchange. This one-of-a-kind exchange includes all the best features of the most advanced cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, on one platform. The following is a list of the main advantages:

fully automated trading

While on other cryptocurrency exchanges traders must manually decide whether they want to sell or not, Raido Exchange is an algorithm that users can program with pre-defined parameters and allow the process to work independently. Traders can not only sell their scriptactive, but also to acquire them automatically.

• Advanced Tools

While other crypto exchanges available limited possibilities of work with a certain number of tools available to the user, Raido Exchange changes the game, offering more than 50 tools to help investors/traders to trade.

• Speed

In the digital realm, speed is everything and Raido Exchange ensures that its users will get the maximum speed. The platform offers access to high speed API connection that not only provides incredible transaction speed, but can handle up to 100 requests per second per user.

• Support

In the case that something can go wrong, the team always helps users to efficiently regain. The platform offers round the clock support to all users via Skype, Live Call or email.

• Multi-Currency Wallet Raido

Professional traders have been using several platforms for trading various cryptocurrencies. This means that on a regular basis, they need to switch between different exchanges. Raido Financial offers a single solution for capturadora, where they can easily trade various crypto-currencies without any problems.

New secure architecture Raido sets a new standard in the industry, double pin encryption codes for access, storage koshelkov offers the much needed flexibility and security in a dangerous crypto world .

Listed below are some of the most important features of the purse Raido:

• Multi-currency

As mentioned in the name, he not only supported crypto-currencies like BTC and other altcoins to make it easy to trade, the system of the wallets should be a rational approach to the integration of new coins every few days the system.

• Multilingual

The cryptocurrency market is known worldwide. Thus, to facilitate access to global investors and traders, the wallet supports six international languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German and Russian.

• cross-platform

The flexibility of multi-currency wallet from the Raido is not limited only to desktop version . He has an app for all iOS and Android operating systems, and both these versions will be available for download in the near future.

With all the above features and the two reference products MVP Raido not only radically alter the current market kryptomere, but will be at the forefront. Raido Finanical is a universal place for bitcoin trading in the near future.

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