Dutch ING Bank and blockchain-R3 consortium concluded an agreement under which a financial institution will receive 5 years unlimited number of licenses for commercial use blockchain platform Corda Enterprise.

Thus, ING Bank will be able to apply the technology in their structures around the world and to introduce in business processes of distributed applications CorDapps created for the needs of trade Finance, capital market, insurance, works to identify customers, etc.

Check out our new press release! @ING_news has agreed to five-year deal with R3 for an unlimited number of Corda Enterprise licenses which will encourage adoption of CorDapps across a range of business functions. Read more here- #blockchain #cordaenterprise

— R3 (@inside_r3) January 22, 2019

Recall that R3 has announced the launch of the network Corda last week. It is a common layer to identify and reach consensus between the participants of the eponymous blockchain platform and solutions Corda Enterprise. Support her work which will take a non-profit organization Corda Network Foundation.