The crypto currency exchange QuadrigaCX passed the auditing company Ernst and Young (EY) bitcoin ETH and other scriptactive, which remained in her purse. EY reported that before the Supreme court of the canadian province of Nova Scotia, adding that he had taken on their addresses 51 BTC, 951 ETH, BCH 33, 2000 BTG and 822 LTC and will store them until further court decision.

Transfers of money from each crypto exchanges were conducted in two phases, the first of which as a test was sent to a minor amount. Hot on crypto exchanges remained scriptactive 0.5 BTC.

Recall that, according to a report by EY, owes its users, 250 million canadian dollars ($190 million) crypto currency exchange at the beginning of February lost another 468,675 thousand canadian dollars ($365 thousand). The company mistakenly sent 103 of bitcoin wallet for cold storage means, which does not have access. At the end of January, thanking everyone for their patience, members of the stock exchange announced the termination of its activities, to maintenance, and then sought protection from creditors in the Supreme court of the province of Nova Scotia.