Central banks should leave the issue of digital currency corporations such as Facebook and JPMorgan, believes the partner of blockchain and financial services at PwC France.

In an interview with Forbes Pauline Adam Calfan (Pauline Adam Kalfon) said that Central banks should stay away from the issue of digital currencies (CBDC) as long as large corporations will not check the idea tokenization of Fiat currency alone.

According to Calfon, Central banks can proceed to issue CBDC cryptocurrency when nested “checked corporations in practice.” This will reduce the likelihood of potentially negative economic effects associated with the release of the digital currency by any Central Bank, she added.

The Central Bank of France may not be the best authority to run the project, the digital currency, says PwC partner, since it must act according to the rules of the European Central Bank.

“It is clear that the European project will be very complex and difficult from the point of view of management, requiring coordination and political consensus of all relevant stakeholders from each member state,” — said Pauline Adam Calfan.

We will remind that about plans of Facebook to produce the cryptocurrency has become known in December, first test token Coin JPM announced financial giant JPMorgan Chase in February. In addition, the issue of its own cryptocurrency said Japanese banks Mizuho Financial Group and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. Recently it became known that on the blockchain-IBM Blockchain World Wire (BWW) may be running stabilini six international banks.