It seems that in the way of expansion cryptocurrency exchange Huobi next stop will be Russia. It may specify the recent meeting of the co-founder and head of Huobi Leon Li with Russian economist Sergei Glazyev, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and adviser to President Vladimir Putin. The meeting was held at the company’s headquarters in Beijing. According to the head of the exchange and the economist, they discussed crypto-currencies, blockchain technology, as well as a possible way out Huobi on the Russian market. News Agency reports PRNewswire, Glazyev said during the meeting:

“The cryptocurrency industry is expanding and evolving, and almost all countries are trying to increase cryptosphere. If Huobi Group will be able to demonstrate to the market a good example, thus it would be of considerable assistance in the creation of the Russian national legislation in relation to cryptocurrency and blockchain. Experience Huobi, if it will be implemented in Russia, will have a positive impact on the growth of the Russian economy. Therefore, I believe that this is a wonderful opportunity to explore the area.”

The eye enjoys a reputation as a supporter of the technology of the distributed registry. According to him, cryptocurrencies are “inextricably linked” bloccano. During the meeting with Li, the academician said:

“Digital assets also stimulate the development of blockchain technology. They are inextricably linked. I hope that developed countries will use the blockchain and digital technologies in the organization of their national markets, because these technologies can make the money market more stable, more transparent and less risky.”

Apparently, the remark about “the inseparable connection of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology” – a dig at the regulators of some countries with developing economies, which occupy the position of “blockchain good, cryptocurrencies are bad.” However, the regulators of major economies of this kind (namely, China and India) are in no hurry to abandon their prejudices.