Blockchain в  строительстве

Worldwide, the construction industry lags behind the development of modern technology at least 50 years, as almost every project is unique in its kind and is unique, in contrast to the products and services produced in a manufacturing industry.

Accelerating the pace of growth in the construction area contributes to the implementation of the technology block and smart contracts based on it. It will help and impact on ordinary property buyers and developers? Here is a minimal list of what will allow us to optimize the blockchain:

  • To protect shareholders from financial losses

  • To exclude the possibility of a “double” sale of real estate

  • To increase data availability

  • To speed up the workflow in 10+ times

  • To reduce the interest rate on loans

  • To track the terms of registration of contracts

  • List the percentage of the transaction to the compensation Fund

  • To reduce housing prices

An illustrative scheme of the optimization process for the rental of premises with smart contracts on blockchain technology

The blockchain technology has long been applied in various fields in developed countries. It is used in real estate (South Korea), health care (India), electricity (USA), cargo infrastructurethe (Malta) and education (India). A list of areas where the introduction of the blockchain the most important, this is not the end. Much success in the CIS in the application of the blockchain in the construction industry Russia made. In Leningrad region 26 Jan 2018 godgod he was awarded the first contract of participation with the use of technologies of the distributed registry, built on the blockchain. 14 dayexperience was conducted on 42 transactions. At the moment there are more than 900 blockchain transactions.
This week in Dubai, IBM announced the launch of the platform, which will allow the authorities to transfer public services into the blockchain. Solution called Dubai Blockchain Platform is positioned as the first approved by the government of the UAE service unit websites about the quality of services.
Belarus, as IT country, trying to keep up with modern technology and to keep pace with the times. In connection with the latest changes and improvements in technology, However, due to lack of funding, due to the lack of funding due to lack of funding. The introduction of blockchain technology in the construction industry requires a huge investment and effort from both construction organizations and from the state . But the benefits to society from such projects.