Monday, July 9, platform market predictions Augur on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain again will move the balance token with the old smart contracts new contracts based on Solidity.

Deployment Details & REP Migration #ethereum #augur

— Augur (@AugurProject) may 17, 2018

Lead developer, Augur Joey Krug stressed that Augur is a complex project based on Ethereum, since it’s written on hundreds of smart contracts. Second, the project — Makerdao, written at ten.

Augur”s about 10x more complex than the second most complicated ethereum project, makerdao, which has about 10 contracts vs augur’s 100 [complexity isn’t a good thing, and the augur team has tried to make it as simple as possible, it’s just a really complicated endeavor]

— Joey Krug (@joeykrug) 11 may 2018

Holders of tokens REP on decentralized exchanges like EtherDelta/ForkDelta, IDEX and OasisDEX, must withdraw to other platforms until July 9 in order to avoid mistakes in moving their coins on new contracts.

We will remind, earlier in a smart contract Augur in the language of the Serpent was discovered a critical vulnerability and the project is completely migrated to Solidity.

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