Today, team Waves, 13:56 UTC (universal time) has been extracted millionth unit.

Platform on the blockchain Waves, which works on the basis of modified consensus Protocol LPoS and Waves-NG allows to produce tokens and for them to attract financing. Currently, the platform hosts more than 13 Waves of 500 tokens.

Over the year from March 2017 to March 2018, the number of users increased from 826 to 6 32439. To attract new users, the command uses different promotional tools, for example, the ability to transfer any amount of WAVES in rent miners for which interest is accrued. The return of the transferred funds is possible at any time. Currently leased 24 573 305 WAVES from 2 697 users.

The market capitalization of the Waves is growing and is approximately $ 600 000 000, the number of transactions is almost equal to 3 million Protocol Waves-NG provides about 6,000 transactions per minute, which is high.

If to speak about speed of release of the token on the client Waves (it works on desktops, laptops and mobile), it can be done in less than 60 seconds.

We will continue to monitor this project, which became one of the first successful ICO.