Leading platform digital asset Coinbase has officially announced the beginning of the support Ethereum Classic, deciding to implement this process in stages. At this stage, the cryptocurrency added to the exchange Coinbase Pro, adding to the main platform Coinbase.com it is expected soon.

Coinbase Pro is now accepting transfers of Ethereum Classic! Our full launch schedule is outlined here: https://t.co/8fWBi7RncB

— Coinbase Pro (@CoinbasePro) 7 August 2018

Writes the General Manager of Coinbase Pro David Farmer, the final stage of testing Ethereum Classic was a success and, as planned, support this cryptocurrency launched today, August 7.

The process, however, starts only from the exchanges and will be divided into four stages:

  1. Transfer-only (24-48 hours). Users will be able to start Fund their account from 10:00 a.m. PT on August 7, however, the function of issuing orders at this stage unavailable.
  2. Post-only (minimum 10 minutes). At this stage, traders will be able to put forward limit orders without matching
  3. Limit-only (minimum 10 minutes). The third stage will be available to the matching limit orders, but market orders are not.
  4. Full trading. The final stage will be available to the full trading ETC, including limit and stop orders.

As for support ETC on Coinbase.com then it will be added upon sufficient liquidity of the asset. As expected the California-based company, it will happen in a week or two after the start of trading on Coinbase ETC Pro.

Also David Farmer added that Ethereum Classic is only the first step in the implementation of plans for adding new assets. In particular, he recalled that in July Coinbase publicly called crypto-currencies and tokens that support which it is currently exploring.

Note that in anticipation of listing on Coinbase price ETC rose to its highest since early may values.

Also today, representatives from Coinbase announced that they intend to raise daily limits, and also to solve the problem faced by users depositing from Bank accounts.

According to the company, at the moment, after the Bank transfer users have to wait for the receipt of funds for a few days. This causes understandable frustration, as usual, swelling the account the user wants to start buying cryptocurrencies immediately.

Now this situation change after sending the funds, the company will provide users instant a loan transaction. A condition of his grant will be the inability to output the acquired crypto-currencies outside of the platform until the actual crediting of funds to the account of the user.

Daily limits, meanwhile, rises to $25 000. All of these options, however, will only be available to verified users.

We will remind, in the end of last week designed for institutional investors and other major market participants the Custody service Coinbase announced that it is considering the possibility of supporting almost 40 of new assets.