Startup VaultTel introduced a new hardware wallet for crypto currencies, with the size of the SIM card. The developers said that its main feature is the biometric authentication, fully protecting the personal data of the user and his tools.

Purse from VaultTel

On a small chip has a built-in application VaultTel App that can work offline. Also, when the need users can connect it to other devices and activate the utility interface. Biometric authentication is performed not only on the receiver or the ATM, but on the chip having a sensitive area.

“Biometric authentication ensures that only the user of the smartphone or other portable gadget will be able to use the chip for transactions. Data will be checked when performing other operations, including checking accounts or change passwords”, — stated in the message of start-up representatives.

The cost of the purse from VaultTel will be approximately $ 100 for devices running on Android operating system. Per device for iOS will have to pay about $ 130. It is noteworthy that the functionality of the device will be no different. While the pre-order for a wallet is only available in the USA.