Blockchain project PumaPay broke into the top ICO startups 2018, with over 117 million U.S. dollars during the sale of tokens ended on Monday, may 7. The result was generated 78,042,956,829 tokens PMA. Mobile wallet PumaPay already available for Android, also the tokens are compatible with other standard purses ERC20. It is expected that a token will appear on the cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future.

As stated by the Director-General PumaPay Yoav Dror (Dror Yoav), ‘We are filled with joy and pride for the amount collected exceeded $17 million, allowing us to produce 78,042,956,829 tokens. This will help us to finalize the payment Protocol direct debit (Pull Payment Protocol), wallets PumaPay, apps PumaPay Pride, as well as other important ecosystem components”.

The company has already signed partnerships with over 40 online companies that demonstrated a willingness to accept a PMA as a means of payment in the near future. Among them global names, including the giants of the adult entertainment industry, Vivid Entertainment, ImLive, AEBN and others. Other industries represented global brands including Fashion TV, CCBill, Rent24, and ExposeBox.

“What distinguishes us from other projects? Strong side PumaPay is that the token will not exist in a vacuum, says Yoav Dror. PumaPay is primarily a multi-faceted ecosystem, where vendors of different calibers will be able to accept payments in bitcoin, avoiding the inconveniences, with which known to modern banking system, such as the high cost of card transactions, returns, delays, etc. it is No secret that in its current form, cryptocurrency transactions do not meet the requirements of daily payments, especially if we are talking about speed and cost of transactions. Mission PumaPay – to solve this problem, combining the flexibility of the current payment system and the potential of cryptocurrencies. For example, our Protocol direct debit will allow to make popular transactions that were previously impossible on the blockchain, such as regular payments (utilities, subscriptions, etc.), pay-per-use, limited/controlled payments, and more’.

The company plans to complete development up to 2019, creating all the opportunities for further growth of the ecosystem, where new sellers will join and to accept PMA. Thus, with the increasing number of products offered and billing PumaPay, we can expect growth in the value of PMA. Justified whether this theory will become clear soon, but for now PumaPay – a rather interesting project that deserves attention as one of the most striking and successful altcoins ICO recently.