The results of a survey conducted by research company Ipsos to order of ING Bank, show that the number of European investors in cryptocurrency can be increased by almost three times in the near future.

The purpose of the survey, which was conducted in 13 countries in Europe, USA and Australia with the participation of 15 thousand respondents, was to find out the attitude towards cryptocurrencies.

It turned out that enough people were aware of the existence of a new asset class in Australia about cryptocurrency heard 70% in the US — 57%, in Europe — 66%. And most knowledgeable on the Old continent in this matter were residents of Austria (79%), Poland (77%), Romania (75%) and Germany (71%), and the lowest is France (50%) and Belgium (38%).

It is noteworthy that according to the age group this figure is almost evenly distributed about the existence of cryptocurrency have heard 60% of people older than 65 years and 69% at the age of 30-40 years. Men are more aware of crypto — 77%, compared to women (55%).

Holders of any number of scriptaction among the people of Europe, Australia and the USA was almost the same proportion — 9%, 7% and 8%, respectively. But the variation of this indicator in Europe was very serious. The largest number of holders of cryptocurrencies appeared in Turkey — 18%, outsiders were France, Belgium, Luxembourg — 6%, 5% and 4%, respectively.

To the question, “do they expect to hold the cryptocurrency in the future,” responded positively 25% Europeans, 21% of the US population and only 15% of Australians. Among European countries the largest number of future investors in cryptocurrency appeared in Turkey — 45%, the lowest in Belgium (10%).

However, the survey also showed that investment in cryptocurrencies of the respondents is as risky compared to other assets, including cash, gold, real estate or government securities. The preferred sources of information about potential investments in crypto currencies the majority of respondents consider specialized sites and financial advisers, a very small proportion (5% to 10%) are willing to rely on tips of family and friends.

We will remind, earlier in Japan, the survey showed that among young professionals in the country is already 14% are investors in the cryptocurrency.