According to a survey commissioned by the investment platform, the eToro, 43% of traders Millennials in the United States more confidence in cryptocurrency exchanges than stock.

On the contrary, the respondents from Generation X (their parents) the level of confidence in traditional exchanges is 77%.

While 93% of Millennials are trading in scriptactive, said they would invest more if the traditional financial institutions, like TD Ameritrade, Fidelity or Charles Schwab, offer this option. In the latter case, be ready capturadora 71% of “network generation” who have not done so.

“While cryptoanalysis and Millennials, it seems, do not trust equally monolithic institutions, such as traditional stock exchanges and major investment banks, young investors have a large demand from firms that are more recognizable, are not perceived as bad actors and have an infrastructure that can provide personalised and individual advice”, — said the managing Director of eToro in USA guy Hirsch (Hirsch Guy).

Among investors of all age groups, not trading in cryptocurrencies, 59% said they would invest more money in digital assets, if they were offered traditional financial institutions. Among capturadora such a prospect welcomed 92%.

The survey revealed a demand for alternative cryptoprocta. For example, 74% of capturadora and even 45% of those who are not an investor in crypto-currencies, are interested in the emergence of such assets in their pension funds. 76% of online investors would receive interest from the issuing cryptocredits, to take a similar credit ready 47% of respondents. Among capturadora at last 75%, and 96% would be issued credit in the digital currency to get interest.

An online survey was conducted by Provoke Insights, an independent market research and strategies, among 1000 respondents aged from 20 to 65 years. Statistical differences between the subgroups were tested at the 90% level of confidence. The margin of error is +/- 3%, according to a press release.

Earlier, chief analyst at brokerage firm TD Ameritrade , JJ, Kinahan (JJ Kinahan) noted that cryptocurrency is a chance to engage in the trading of Millennials. Conducted by the consulting company Accenture in the autumn of the survey showed that the demand for crypto-currencies among investors of Millennials continues to grow.