The police of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh ordered all hotels to install a new blockchain registration system, developed by a local startup Zebi. It is planned that later the novelty will appear and in hotels across the country, according to CoinDesk.

As stated in the project description, the system combines the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to collect and store data about visitors to hotels. According to the developers, such a mechanism would not only simplify the process for customers, but will also help to prevent potential criminal activity.

So, the information collected will be checked against a police database of criminals and missing persons and will help to determine whether the particular visitor has a criminal background.

According to the creators, the system, called AI Zebi Chain, already installed in more than 200 hotels, including The Park, Taj Gateway and Novotel.

The Deputy Commissioner of the region of Vizag Facerape Casinelli confirmed that the installation of a new solution is required for all hotels on this site.

“All the hotels were ordered to enter data on the location of customers. 230 institutions use this system. It allows real-time to monitor criminals and their antisocial activities. While such cases were not recorded”, — said Casinelli.

As the newspaper notes, in accordance with Indian law, the hotels are obliged daily to provide the police with personal data of their guests.

“Usually they do it manually, which can lead to abuse during transport and storage of papers. In addition, the processing of documents takes a very long time”, — said the Executive Director and founder of the Zabi Woman Munagala.

He also added that “private and sensitive” information of guests is stored in the system Zebi Chain AI in the “fixed-format”. At the same time, it is noted that access to this data is possible only with the permission of the clients.

Manager at the Park Nagesh Kumar of Venkat added that in the past the police had regularly visited the hotel to check the status of tourists and their history, but “now it’s optional”.

Speaking about plans for the future, representatives of the Zabi said that the startup is preparing for “full-scale launch in all the hotels of India.”

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