Russian blockchain startup Waves Platform began talks with the Maltese authorities on the issues tokenization of financial assets and start working in this friendly to new technologies Mediterranean country.

We are very excited to announce that our CEO Sasha @sasha35625 Ivanov has started negotiations with the Maltese government, concerning #Waves’ accreditation to work within the territory of the state. Read more: #Blockchain $WAVES

— Waves Platform (@wavesplatform) 12 Sep 2018

As reported in the company blog, founder and CEO of platform Waves Sasha Ivanov met with the Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat and other representatives of the authorities.

During the meeting, representatives of the startup was discussed with local authorities the possibilities of technological cooperation in the field of healthcare, real estate registration and voting. Also, the Waves team has offered to use its platform for tokenization of financial assets.

Representatives of the company noted that the first steps towards joint cooperation was encouraging and expressed his confidence in further constructive dialogue.

“We are interested in this accreditation and are ready to work together with legal experts of Malta to offer our ready-to-use blockchain solutions: Waves to the financial sector and Vostok for the public and corporate sectors”, — said Sasha Ivanov.

Earlier Waves have had some success in the implementation of smart contracts platform.

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