Focusing on information technology in law LegalThings startup announced a public tocancel your blockchain project LegalThings One on the platform Waves. The company signed a long-term strategic cooperation, which is symbolically fixed on the new big block in the blockchain Waves Platform.

Waves signs strategic partnership with LegalThings One which enables people to participate in the legal system without the need to rely on lawyers or trust organizations and governments blindly: #Cryptocurrency #Legaltech #Blockchain $WAVES

— Waves Platform (@wavesplatform) may 17, 2018

According to representatives of the project, LegalThings One will allow you to interact with the legal system without having to blindly trust lawyers, organizations and state institutions. In addition, the project will significantly reduce the work of the red tape and reduce the risks of fraud and corruption.

Along with the automation of legal procedures and paperwork, the process will not be given total control of the computers.

“Our partnership with platform Waves is a unique collaboration: integrate existing IT solutions in the field of jurisprudence with the advanced technology of the distributed registry”, — said the co-founder and CEO LegalThings Rick Schmitz.

Note that LegalThings for about four years, working with major clients including the Dutch government and large corporations.

“This company has a unique knowledge and experience, and with our advanced technology we can have a positive impact on the industry law, and the blockchain, bringing them to a qualitatively new level. Our goal is to create a blockchain-products that meet legal and regulatory requirements,” — said CEO Alexander Ivanov Waves.

In the coming months LegalThings Waves and are planning joint work on the international B2B and B2G projects worldwide, details of which will be announced later.

Earlier in may, the test network Waves Platform hosted activation smart contracts that will allow not only to exchange the tokens that are hosted on different blockchains, but razrabatyvat an effective system to manage a shared budget.