The company tZERO, a subsidiary of the online retailer planning to run summer mobile app for buying and selling bitcoins and perhaps ETH. About it told CoinDesk CEO of tZERO , Noursalehi Saum (Saum Noursalehi).

App for IOS and Android, which should be launched in June, develops a blockchain startup Bitsy — one of the Medici portfolio investment Ventures, venture capital units

“It’s one of the reasons we purchased Bitsy — to accelerate the market launch of our mobile application. They have in beta phase app for trading cryptocurrencies, mainly bitcoin, they created a mechanism for the recovery of a wallet and key, and that will be the basis of a mobile application for tZERO. They are also working on some cool things, such as biometric sign — in system,” poyasnil Noursalehi.

According to him, the app will allow users to store their scriptactive without relying on a third party to connect to the network through a partner tZERO — institutional trading platform SFox.

In the future, tZERO plans to provide the ability to trade via the app is not just a cryptocurrency, but security tokens and even traditional promotions.

Recall that tZERO in January launched a platform for secondary trading security tokens. While on the site is available only to private tokens of the company tZERO Preferred (TZEROP). Noursalehi noted that currently preparing a new bond issuers. Previously founder and CEO Patrick Byrne (Patrick Byrne) has expressed confidence that in five years, all shares will be licenzirovanie.