The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) initiated a check of the crypto-loan platform Salt Lending Holdings Inc., which in 2017, has raised $50 million through the ICO. In particular, the Agency is interested in the relationship of the platform with the head of the crypto currency exchange ShapeShift Eric Borgeson, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Provided in the SEC documents, the company-operator of Salt from August 2017 Vorhes was listed as “Director”. However, in November, after the start of krautsalat, his name had disappeared. He also appeared in promotional materials and on the website Salt.

The head of the Salt Jennifer Nielson reported that Works really was “an early member of the project”, but has no more relation to him.

According to knowledgeable sources, the agenda of the company-the operator was in February 2018. SEC intends to explore, violated the platform requirements of the legislation in the field of securities when carrying out ICO, and — what had been spent on borrowed funds.

“If the participation of Vorhes was accompanied by violation of law, Salt Lending Holdings Inc. may be fined”, — explained the lawyer.

Recall, in the September investigation by The Wall Street Journal platform Eric Vorhees ShapeShift was named the main “money laundering” for criminal money. In the last two years she was reportedly receive $9 million

He Works in 2014, was fined $50 000 for alleged distribution of unregistered securities.

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