Platform Module 4.0 Blockchain has announced that its tokens MODL will be posted on the Taiwan stock exchange BitPro in the initial exchange offer (IEO). BitPro is a new international cryptocurrency trading platform launched by the company BitoEx, which is the largest stock exchange of Taiwan, and provides up to 80% of transactions in the local market. BitoPro also recently launched his own ICO and collected it over $20 million in less than 26 hours. BITO token holders will get early access to the stock exchange including, to the “coins” of the project Module the Blockchain, potentially a significant increase in its audience.

The project Module of the Blockchain with its intuitive interface was created to make cryptocurrency accessible to people around the world. Thanks to the advent of simple and secure solutions today, almost anyone can start earning their first money in the blockchain industry. The platform allows users to be miners and programmers that creates decentralized applications (DApps), as well as to test different bounty campaign or rent unused space on their gadgets. For example, all have the potential miner to get started in the stock market, is a smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device with sufficient free space. This approach may involve cryptosphere millions of new users.

Revolutionary solutions Module Blockchain that the platform offers use the free space on millions of gadgets across the world for making money. Users can set rates for the rental of the memory of their devices and get rewards depending on how much free space they decided to share and for how long it was rented. On the platform to apply the function of the so-called “separation of classified information”: it encrypts data on the client side and divides the information into fragments, which are then stored in many individual cells on different gadgets users. Thus, the whole virtual confidential information is truly tamper-proof since it cannot be obtained using only one fragment.

These features distinguish the Module Blockchain from similar platforms, like Stellar, or EOS, because the framework offers a common model for many devices, which can be used in the ecosystem. For comparison, EOS all decisions on the blockchain accepted the largest holders of tokens, hindering the integration of newcomers into a system that essentially leads to the creation of “digital oligarchy”. Module Blockchain, on the contrary, offers a completely affordable solution which allows any owners of mobile gadgets to offer their services and earn.

At the moment, the project is pursuing the sale of tokens MODL c a bonus of 12%. It will last until September 30.

More information about the project Module Blockchain 4.0, you’ll be able to find on the website