Cryptocurrency platform Bakkt published new details of the future bitcoin futures, calling, in particular, limits on the size of the lots and held commissions.

According to information on the website of Intercontinental Exchange, the display name will be “Bakkt BTC (USD) Daily Future”. Each is presented in the electronic trading platform ICE’s contract will cost 1 BTC and will be calculated on the basis of the price in US dollars with two decimal places.

The minimum allowable price fluctuation will be $2.50 per 1 BTC, however for large transactions ranging in size from 10 BTC and above will be able to determine prices with a precision of $0.01. The limit position will be 100 thousand lots on any date contracts.

On the platform there are no restrictions on price fluctuations, and the fees that will cover costs for exchange and clearing, will be $0.50 for each transaction.

It also became known that the preliminary opening of trading on the Bakkt will be at 19:55, directly to the auction will be conducted from 20:00 to 18:00 following day new York time, and payments — from 16:58 until 17:00.

Simultaneously, Bakkt supported Blockstream presented the extended data stream, which the company says will provide greater transparency and enable real-time broadcast price data for more than 400 Vietnam and cryptocurrency pairs.

Our enhanced crypto data feed now offers greater transparency: streaming real-time data for 400+ fiat and crypto currency pairs + new venues & full Level 2 data. @Blockstream

— ICE Data Services (@ICEDataServices) January 24, 2019

Recall, start Bakkt that promises futures bitcoin physical delivery of the asset, expected on 24 January, but was again postponed. Simultaneously, the company opened several new jobs.