American pharmaceutical Verseon Corporation with a market capitalization of $277 million was provided by its subsidiary BlockRules Ltd. a platform for running and trade licenzirovanie securities on the public blockchain.

The initiative is being implemented in the framework of the implementation of the new approach to the financial development of the company. Its representatives argue that the solution meets the regulatory requirements of multiple jurisdictions and is designed to provide regulated, safe and transparent support activities with securities, including decentralized trade.

Chapter Verseon Aditya Prakash (Adityo Prakash) believes that democratizarea access to investments with the help of technology a distributed registry, the company will change the approach to funding of new medicines and other innovations in the field of science about living nature and distribution of raised funds.

Recall that this year Microsoft and the ardent’s company, creating solutions for tracking the movement of goods and production in the pharmaceutical industry, has developed a platform of ardent’s NovaTrack with the use of blockchain technologies, Microsoft Azure Cloud, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things. It is expected that the “game changer” primarily in the pharmaceutical industry, where often there are fakes products.