Bitcoin developer and Director of a consultancy company Bitcoin Advisory Pierre Roshar announced this week the launch of a plug-in for Microsoft Excel with which you can make transactions Lightning Network directly from the app. This writes Coingape.

“For LND-nodes can now be run from Excel plugin. Customer Neutrino user Windows + Excel will be able to send and receive LN-payments in a few clicks”, – wrote Roshar.

The LND node software now runs from *within* the Excel plugin. With neutrino, that means that a Windows Excel user can be making and receiving payments LN with a few clicks.

— Pierre Rochard [⚡app] (@pierre_rochard) 24 Oct 2018

The idea to create a LN-plug-in for Microsoft Excel Pierre Roshar shared about two weeks ago:

“Reality: on the desktop 99.99% of accountants and financial employees should Excel. They also send the largest number of payments. The UI for open, decentralized Finance is Microsoft Excel. The plugin is a necessary pre-condition for any crypto project. Integration with Lightning gRPC API in C# is a pure delight!”

In the comments of a post Rosara user named Shane Pickens wrote:

“What at first glance looks silly, but it really is absolutely brilliant. Why use an app to generate invoices and keep track of it in Excel – just use this in the Excel. Unfortunately, 80% of the community do not understand. In fact, it can contribute to a more widespread adoption [of bitcoin]”.

What at first looks ridiculous — is actually brilliant. Why use an app to generate the invoice and track in excel just use it in excel….. Unfortunately, 80% of community won’t get it. Could actually drive adoption.

— Shane Pickens (@shanepicker) October 26, 2018

Pierre Roshar also presented the plug Friday on the Lightning event Residency held in new York startup Chaincode Labs.

@pierre_rochard is showing an excel plugin that integrates lightning payments.

“I wanted to make a lightning interface that would appeal to a different audience … There’s a large demographic of people in the business world who want to play with Lightning.”

— John Newbery (@jfnewbery) October 26, 2018

“I wanted to make a Lightning-based interface that would appeal to a broad audience. In the business world many people want to make payments with the help of Lightning”, — he said during the presentation.

Video demonstration of the plugin developer promises to publish soon. The code will be published in the public domain. On the question of where to store the keys and the types of hashes, Roshar said, “In my purse LND, Excel will only interface to interact with it.” According to the developer, the plugin should be ready before the end of October.

Earlier, the developer from Berlin, Mathias Sting leveraged technology Lightning Network for the operation of the bike.