The Wall Street Journal reporter and author of books about cryptocurrency Paul Vigna in conversation with CNBC discussed the prospects of bitcoin and the recent decisions of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) refused to admit to trading few bitcoin ETF.

Vina considers the concerns of regulators “absolutely justified”. He explained this discrepancy between the market built around the technology, notable for its complete transparency and a complete lack of transparency in stock transactions with cryptocurrencies. Vina opposed cryptocurrency markets the traditional markets of the capital, noting that the latter are much more developed industry with adequate regulation.

“The traditional exchanges on its part pay much attention to what is happening on their sites,” he said, adding that even in such markets, people trying to “cheat” each other to gain an advantage.

Because the cryptocurrency market is characterized by lack of regulation, the problem for him at times more relevant, said Vigna.

“Are there to be manipulation in the market of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Definitely. To what extent? We do not know”, — he said, commenting on one of the main concerns of the SEC.

In conversation viña also discussed the prospects of bitcoin and the perception of the cryptocurrency world governments:

“The basic idea, which existed a few years ago, was the fact that the States will never approve of bitcoin they are not going to admit its existence, they’re going to try to overwhelm him. I don’t think it is relevant today”.

The reporter believes that “good state” in the modern world will try to ban bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Instead, they will attempt to establish the necessary regulation of the market to allow its citizens to invest in a new asset class with a minimum degree of associated risks.

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