With high probability, the co-founder of the canadian cryptocurrency exchanges QuadrigaCX Michael Patrin is a major trader on the platform BitMEX, which follows from the account u/MikeXBT on Reddit. About it writes The Block.

According to the publication, about the connection account MikeXBT with Patrin is evidenced by the fact that he indicated it as a contact information as a candidate for a seat on the Board of Directors of the organization Bitcoin Alliance in April 2014.

What MikeXBT is co-owner of QuadrigaCX, it is clear from the last posts about the meeting of the co-owners of the exchange and insolvency courts.

In turn, the portal Globe and Mail found that the real name of Michael Patrina — Omar Dhanani. He was serving a sentence in the United States “for the theft of personal data on the web”, and in 2004 was arrested “for providing anonymous services to the electronic laundering of money.” According to court documents, under the pseudonym Omar Dhanani men, named Omar Patrin.

It is known that Michael Patrin left the QuadrigaCX exchange in 2016 because of disagreements with the late founder of the site Gerald Cotto.

But the special interest of the media caused MikeXBT posts about multi-million dollar positions on BitMEX. So, in April of 2018, he wrote that he “closed on BitMEX long $7 million”, and in September mentioned a long position at $8 million.

A Twitter user under the nickname IamNomad posted a purported list of positions “Patryn”.

So magic internet detectives found this. Uhhhhh

Cc @sudogene #QuadrigaCX pic.twitter.com/D0fqPDsZY2

— I am Nomad (@IamNomad) March 7, 2019.

By assumption The Block, lost the exchange QuadrigaCX access to users ‘ funds of $190 million and love MikeXBT to major positions can be connected.

We will remind, earlier the canadian court has granted the exchange QuadrigaCX another 45 days to look into the missing assets.

It was also revealed that six of the cold wallets of exchanges where, as expected, kept tens of millions of dollars, was empty.

By assumption, bloggers Zerononcense, the missing part of the assets QuadrigaCX can “with high probability” to be on the exchanges Poloniex and Bitfinex.