The virtual reality platform Decentraland on the Ethereum blockchain has announced the imminent launch of a new game called Chainbreakers (“the bondage Breakers”). It was developed by the company Qwellcode.

As reported by the Crypto Globe, Chainbreakers is a strategic role-playing game, a virtual reality which represents the “artistically stylized rendering of Ancient Greece”. The plot of the game includes “perverse and evil” rulers and characters, opposing the authoritarian regime.

Players can become either “fighters”, which should unite for the fight with the elite, or part of the ruling class. Moving from level to level, players learn the entire map Decentraland. They also receive awards in non-convertible tokens (NFT).

One of the tasks of the player is to find the so — called quest area. There you can free the slaves and recruit them as soldiers in their armies.

There are also areas where users can enter the dungeon in search of loot and different “objects of power”, and then fight with them with aristocracy. Chainbreakers although the description is very similar to a traditional RPG, the developers Qwellcode tried to add a unique feature to include in the game, “scarce items” in-game tokens NFT. They rewarded the performance of game tasks.

The successful players of the open quest area to a higher level where they can produce the best trophies and get more reward tokens.

Decentraland is a network of virtual reality based on the blockchain that allows users to create, use, and monetize content and applications.