Speaking at the summit Web3 in Berlin on 23 October, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of Parity Technologies Gavin wood has announced that in the near future, his company will release a new DIY tools (do-it-yourself i.e. DIY) called the Substrate. As a technical basis for communication Protocol Polkadot (from Parity), it is a platform for the development of the block chain.

Earlier in an interview with CoinDesk, wood said Substrate Polkadot will help to achieve the main goal and will be a simple mechanism that allows people to create and run your own blackany.

Detailing ON Substrate, wood said that this universal platform for the development of the block chain — “something even more General and clear than the Ethereum”.

In October, the team Parity Technologies also reported that used the basic encoding Substrate for deploying Shasper — the latest iteration of the plan for scaling Ethereum, combining sharding with the transition to Proof-of-Stake.

Substrate is ready for work, but wood stresses that before its public launch you need to make some improvements, for example in terms of documentation. According to wood, it will take about three weeks.