The mother of the legendary founder of Silk Road Ross Ulbricht Lyn Ulbricht passed the site Bitcoin Magazine written by the son from the hands of bitcoin congratulation happy birthday. It takes two and a half pages. We offer you a full translation of that letter:

“Bitcoin is the tenth anniversary, and like many of us, I feel a parental pride, seeing how during all these years he realizes his potential. However, I am the father who was sent to jail and torn away from his brainchild. I can not fully play the role of the father.

Bitcoin: Mommy, when’s dad coming home?

Mom: as soon As I can, baby.

Bitcoin: Why he left us, mommy?

Mom: I’ll explain when you’re older. Go play in the blockchain with the other crypto.

Bitcoin as a ten year old child is a good analogy. Technology is still very young and is in the process of growth. She sprouted like a weed, and faces challenges of growth, entering in the time of adolescence with all its challenges. Painful adolescence — the period through which we all pass on the way to adulthood, a time of self-discovery and potential, and bitcoin follows the same path.

In the coming years we will see what a bitcoin is, how it will be used and how it will affect our world. I am convinced that our gifted child will exceed all expectations and come to a great success, but while he is still a baby, needing care and protection. Bitcoin still requires leadership on our part, exercised in accordance with those values, on the Foundation which it was established and gained its potential. We are talking about such values as decentralization, privacy, and empowerment of users. We are the protectors and representatives of bitcoin.

Where will lead us this way and what bitcoin will become in the coming years, which will be a turning point, depends on us. This technology is able to implement abstractions such as peace and equality. However, to implement these ideas and to lead by example should participants growing user community of bitcoin and the bitcoin.

I was very encouraged by the prospect of seeing what will happen with bitcoin and all its cryptosystem in the next decade. I just hope I’ll be able to return home and to compensate for the lost years, showing everyone where my heart is.”

Recall that the Creator of the largest in the past trading platforms darkweb Silk Road, is now serving a life sentence in the United States, was one of the largest holders of home currency. According to some estimates, since the founding of the site in 2011 covered more than 9.5 million bitcoins. When, in September 2013, the FBI confiscated the Silk Road server, Ulbricht lost 144 000 BTC.

Although the Creator darkmarket condemned for drug trafficking, hacking and conspiracy to commit money laundering, many believe that the area was his only way of realization of ideas: Ross has repeatedly stated his libertarian views and criticized the government economic regulation.

In July of this year, the maker of litecoin Charlie Lee began collecting signatures for an early release of Ulbricht; similar campaigns carried out by other activists. Sign the petition on the site A similar resource in the Facebook — Free Ross, Instagram — freerossulbricht.