The so-called disturbing the private key Satoshi Nakamoto to the signal system network bitcoin was first presented to the public on Tuesday, July 3, at the conference Building on Bitcoin 2018 in Lisbon.

Did it during your performance on stage Brian Bishop of LedgerX.

Now everyone has that key #bitcoin #alertkey #BuildingOnBitcoin

— Nick Schteringard (@NSchteringard) 3 July 2018

In addition, a few hours before the start of the conference, he also published the signal the keys in the mailing for developers of bitcoin.

“In this e-mail reveals a disturbing keys of bitcoin. This was preceded by the disclosure of several well-known vulnerabilities in the once-existing signal system. Currently, the signal system is completely abolished. Any risk to the network does not exist, and this warning can be ignored, unless you use a very old node (v0.12.x or older)”, — was written by Bryan Bishop.

According to his message, signal keys look as follows:

The public key for the core network:


The private key for the core network:


The public key for the test network:


The private key for the test network:


Entry system was originally implemented in version 0.3.10 alert for all network clients on critical vulnerabilities or attacks. The system lasted until November 2016 and has been removed in version 0.13.10. The key, however, is until today the broad public remained unknown.

Previously it was thought that they have only Satoshi Nakamoto, a former Bitcoin Core developer Gavin Andresen and the administrator of the forum Theymos. Then it became known that this key may have other members of the network.

Alarming key would be embedded in the code base of bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto after the incident in August 2010, but he personally didn’t use it. The first use of the key was recorded in February 2012, then in 2013 the key was used to prevent the gcd of the unintended fork. In addition, in several cases, it transmitted the message about the urgent need to update to the latest version.

To abandon the key forced the developers fear that it can be used against the interests of the system. Also speculated that the key could be in the hands of the police in Japan as a result of investigation on the exchange Mt.Gox and its owner Mark Karpeles

Of its intention to make a key available to the public Brian Bishop said in mid-June, when he signed the message “I’m not Craig Wright. Unlike me, he can’t sign a message alarming the key of bitcoin”.

Earlier, the Australian programmer Craig Wright has repeatedly stated that he is the mysterious Creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, however, to provide the necessary evidence and could not.