Finnish telecommunication giant Nokia, in partnership with Californian software development company OSIsoft and the blockchain platform Streamr suggested the mobile phone owners to monetize their user data and purchase data streams from IoT devices.

The founder and head of Streamr Henry Pihkala (Henri Pihkala) spoke about this at the conference, Consensus-2018 in new York. He said that at the moment we are launching a trading platform where you with smart contracts on Ethereum users will be able to offer in exchange for ERC-20 tokens DATAcoin their data in real time and track formed on the platform information flows. While Streamr will use the built-in station KUHA created by Nokia that will allow users of the smartphones of this brand to monetize your data.

We will remind, earlier this month in Streamr announced a partnership with Hewlett Packard Corporation for the use of aggregator data and tools to work with analytical Streamr Engine to collect data streams from the Audi Q2. And in December last year Nokia, in conjunction with the financial group OP Financial Group announced the launch of a pilot project for the storage of medical data on a blockchain platform that aims “to give people more control over their personal medical data.”