Overall, the market has strengthened this week. After a spurt the previous week, the total market capitalization was approximately $225 billion on Monday morning, September 24, and in the evening of the same day – $219 billion Tuesday brought a slight decline, the market capitalization decreased by 6%, from $218 billion in the morning to $205 billion in around lunch time. However, later in the day, the cost of the market began to grow and by the end has reached $210 billion.

In the middle of the week there was more positive price action. If Wednesday morning’s market capitalization was $209 billion, then later in the day rose to $218 billion For a brief period of stagnation on Thursday was followed by more positive price action, and Friday the market value was $225 billion, and was followed by a pullback of 4% – on Saturday morning a market capitalization of $216 billion.

During the day, the market recovered, and Sunday’s market capitalization fluctuated close to the indicators of Monday. During the week, trade was fairly uniform character; vnutricletocny trading volume was in the range of $14 billion – $16 billion the Lion’s share of trading fell on Friday when vnutricletocny the volume of trade amounted to (at the peak) $17 billion Over two days, the volume of trade declined, and as of Sunday is $12.5 billion, while total market capitalization is equal to today, September 30, $224 billion.

BCH and XRP are the leaders in the top ten.

Despite the fact that this week the market regained most of its value, fluctuations mid-week led to the fact that many of the coins I was trying to recover. Among the first ten leading Bitcoin Cash – the price of the cryptocurrency increased by 9.5%. The only other coin that remained in the green band, was the XRP – its growth amounted to 6.7%.

On the other hand, XLM, XMR and IOTA – all fell in price by almost 10%.

Price Electroneum decreased by 44%, despite the fact that trade ETN has temporarily prevented the actualization Kucoin.

Reddcoin, Loom Network and Bitcoin Gold rose 29%, 16% and 14%, respectively. The price of GAS grew by 11% due to the rapid growth as a result of listing on the Korean stock exchange UPbit.

Bitcoin and Ethereum didn’t do spikes.

Bitcoin fell by 2.5%. Early Monday morning the price was $6700 and throughout the day remained almost at that level. But then the price of BTC has decreased on 3,5%, and on Tuesday declined from $6645 to $6405, and continued, can fluctuate into the neighborhood of $6500 in the middle of the week.

On Wednesday occurred the price jump is 2.5% – price increased from$6525 to $6700, and on Friday it reached a peak of $6770. However, with the onset of the weekend, the price went back to $6500, and bitcoin continued to stabilize in the area of the price.

The trade volume of bitcoin during the week remained in the range of $400 million Aggregate volume of trading digital currencies on Monday was equal to $3.6 billion, on Tuesday – $4 billion.

Then, after a little “rollback” intraday trading volume on Friday reached a high of more than $4 billion on Friday. Vnutricletocny trading volume as of September 30, Sunday, equal to $3.16 billion, the Price of bitcoin is $6620, with a market capitalization equal of $114.4 billion, the share of bitcoin accounts for 51% of the overall market capitalization.

Price Ethereum decreased by 5%. On Monday, the price of the coin was equal to $240. During the day the price was dropping and the evening was $230, and by mid-day Tuesday fell to $208. As a result, the value dropped by 15% within 24 hours, and the price is ETH continued, can fluctuate into the range of $210 and $220 for the most part mid-week.

Thursday saw a surge in prices ETH 9%, from $211 to $230, but most of the profit was lost with the onset of the weekend, because Saturday morning the ETH returned to a price of $215.

Later in the day was the place to be positive price action and the air “jumped” at $15 to $230 and continues to remain at this level.

The volume of intraday trading Ethereum has experienced several UPS and downs. For most of the week, the volume of intraday trading ranged between $1.75 billion and $1,95 billion, however on Wednesday and patnicu intraday trade volume was $2.25 billion and reached the level of $2.3 billion on Saturday. Sunday intraday trading volume Ethereum is $1.84 billion, the price of ETH $235, and the market capitalization of cryptocurrency – $24 billion.

According to the materials Coincodex.