In the next review of the recent initiatives of the blockchain such scope, as customs, cross-border payments, digital identity, charity, and tracking the supply of diamonds.

The Korea customs service uses the blockchain of a solution from Samsung

Where: South Korea
In what area: customs clearance of export
Goal: increase transparency of customs procedures
Who is involved in: Customs service of South Korea, Samsung SDS (IT-division of the world renowned conglomerate)
Technology used: Samsung Nexledger
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Reference: Samsung SDS

The people’s Bank of China testing platform for trade Finance and cross-border payments

Where: Shenzhen (China), Guangdong province, special administrative regions of Macau and Hong Kong
In what area: cross-border payments, trade Finance
Objective: lower costs in trade Finance, increasing transparency and the effectiveness of control operations
Those involved in: laboratory for the study of digital currencies with the people’s Bank of China, China’s big banks
Technology used: unknown
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Reference: 21jingji

In Hong Kong uses the blockchain to track diamonds

Where: Hong Kong
In what area: supply chain, product certification
Goal: increase transparency of supply chains diamonds
Who is engaged in: Hong Kong jewelry company Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group, the startup Everledger, chain stores Mark T
Used technology: blockchain platform from IBM
Estimated date of implementation: the process has already started — ready blockchain certificates for three thousand precious stones, being sold in four stores T Mark
Reference: South China Morning Post

The government of India has approved the participation of the local Exim Bank in the blockchain-BRICS initiatives

Where: the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)
In what area: Finance
Goal: increase efficiency in the financial sector
Who is engaged in: Russian Vnesheconombank, the Brazilian Bank for economic and social development (BNDES), the Indian Exim Bank, the State development Bank of China and the development Bank of southern Africa (DBSA)
Technology used: unknown
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Reference: Business Standard

Telecom Corporation SoftBank is testing blockchain application for mobile interconnection payments

Where: Japan
In what area: mobile P2P payments
Goal: replace traditional messaging is more functional and efficient solutions, able to work simultaneously with various operators
Who deals: SoftBank, a startup TBCASoft, the company Synchronoss
Technology used: Protocol Rich Communication Service from TBCASoft
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Reference: press release SoftBank

Australian state is testing the possibility of digitizing a driver’s license using the blockchain

Where: the state of New South Wales (Australia)
In what field: the digitization of documents, identification
Goal: increase efficiency in the field of identification, lower costs by reducing manual labor and “paper work”
Who is: the blockchain is the platform TrustGrid from the company Secure Logic, the authorities of the Australian state
Technology used: development of Secure Logic
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Reference: ZDNet

Leading British online pharmacy and Stratis uses the blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry

Where: United Kingdom
In what field: pharmaceuticals
Objective: improving the efficiency and transparency of supply chains of medicines, combating the spread of counterfeit drugs
Who does UK Meds, Stratis
Used technology: blockchain solutions Stratis
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Reference: NewsBTC