Blockchain is still one of the most hot trends, and decisions based on it are tested and gradually introduced into various fields. Journal ForkLog offers an overview of the most interesting recent initiatives associated with this technology.

Tencent is testing the possibilities of the blockchain for the reimbursement of employees

Where: Shenzhen, China
In what area: personnel management
Objective: to optimize and accelerate the process of reimbursement by the companies of the costs of their employees.
Who is: Tencent, Inc.
Used technology: blockchain platform TrustSQL and the app WeChat (Tencent self-development).
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Reference: CoinDesk

Regulators in different countries will create a global FINTECH sandbox (GFIN)

Where: United Kingdom, worldwide
In what area: cross-border payments and other areas of financial technologies.
Purpose: regulate issues related to financial technology, global FINTECH sandbox for testing cross-border payments, discussion of regulation of primary offerings of coins (ICO)
Those involved in: in 11 countries including UK, USA, Hong Kong, Australia, UAE and Singapore
The approximate date of creation GFIN: unknown
Reference: CoinDesk

The government of India and the conglomerate Mahindra Group will create a “blockchain-district” in the state of Telengana

Where: Hyderabad (state of Telangana), India
In any field: Finance, R&D, public administration
Goal: support start-UPS, development of DLT solutions and blockchain infrastructure, the development of a new regulatory framework, the testing of new technologies
Who deals: Tech Mahindra Ltd., The IT Department of the state government of Telangana
Technology used: developed Tech Mahindra limited Protocol Eleven01
Reference: The Economic Times

Shinhan Bank and KT Corp are creating a blockchain-based platform for digital vouchers

Where: South Korea
In what area: Finance
Goal: the revival of the economies of certain regions.
Who is: Shinhan Bank, Telecom company KT
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Technology used: KT Network Blockchain
Reference: The Korea Times

Macrogen launch blockchain-based platform for the secure storage of genetic data

Where: South Korea
In what field: medicine
Goal: ensure the secure storage of genetic information
Who is: Macrogen, Inc., Bigster Technologies
Estimated date of implementation: June 2019
Technology used: unknown
Reference: The Korea Herald

The developers Fudan University patent peer-to-peer platform for trading “green” energy

Where: China
In what area: renewable energy
Objective: the development of renewable energy; the creation of a decentralized platform that allows users of solar panels to exchange surplus power, without intermediaries.
Who is involved: Fudan University (Shanghai).
Estimated date of implementation: unknown, so far only filed a patent application
Technology used: Hyperledger
Link: Bitcoin Exchange Guide