In the next review of the recent initiatives of the blockchain such scope as: managed smart-contracts, energy, interbank payments and port logistics.

Patent Alibaba platform for managed smart contracts

Where: China
In what area: blockchain system
Goal: create opportunities to intervene in the smart contract, to freeze or stop” user accounts in the case of illegal activities
Who does Alibaba
Technology used: own design Alibaba platform Ethereum.
Estimated date of implementation: unknown

The Ministry of energy of Moscow region initiated a pilot project to calculate energy consumption on the basis of the blockchain

Where: Russia
In what area: marketing
Purpose: test the possibilities of the blockchain in accounting data and compatibility of the technology with existing solutions
Who is involved: the Ministry of energy of the Moscow region
Technology used: unknown
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Reference: TASS

Italian banks completed the first round of testing blockchain for verification of calculations

Where: Italy
In what field: interbank calculations
Goal: enhance transparency exchange of information, acceleration of operations, streamlining the reconciliation process and identify inconsistent transactions
Who is: a group of 14 Italian banks, ABI Lab (research lab Italian banking Association)
Technology used: Corda from blockchain consortium R3
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Link: press release

IBM and the Singapore firm PIL test bills of lading on the blockchain

Where: Singapore
In what area: supply chain
Goal: reduce risk of manipulation of shipping documents (bills of lading), reduced paper work, reduced costs, increased efficiency of supply chains
Those involved in: Singapore operator of container transport, Pacific International Lines, IBM
Used technology: IBM
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Link: press release founded a research Institute specializing in the creation of “smart” cities

Where: China
In any field: urban studies
Goal: development of smart cities using artificial intelligence, Big Data and blockchain
Who does: JD Finance
Technology used:
Link: People’s Daily

In St. Petersburg and Helsinki will test the blockchain for separate waste collection

Where: Russia, Finland
In what area: waste management
Goal: automation of garbage collection, improving the efficiency of public services, the solution of environmental problems
Those involved in Russian-Finnish project CroBoDDIT, which includes the University ITMO, Saint-Petersburg information and analytical centre, Forum Virium Helsinki and Lappeenranta University of Technology.
Technology used: own development ITMO
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Reference: ITMO.NEWS

Also this week ForkLog reported that:

  • In Seoul presented five-year development plan blockchain industry
  • One of the world’s largest airline Air France-KLM announced a partnership with blockchain startup Winding Tree
  • Management of securities Israel has integrated the blockchain in their internal systems
  • The Ukrainian state enterprise “SETS” issued on the blockchain transaction for the sale of lease rights on state land
  • Rosatom plans to implement a blockchain-solution, technology, the Internet of things and artificial intelligence in design projects

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