In the next review of the recent initiatives of the blockchain such scope as the recycling of plastic waste, public administration, tokenization gold bars and interbank payments.

SC Johnson and the Plastic Bank will release the app, rewarding tokens collectors of plastic waste

Where: Indonesia
In what area: recycling plastic waste
Purpose: to release an app that rewarded would be collectors of plastic waste tokens, which would prevent pollution of the environment
Who is: SC Johnson, Plastic Bank
Used technology: developing blockchain applications will be handled by Plastic Bank
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Link: press release

JPMorgan uses the blockchain Quorum for tokenization gold bars

Where: USA
In what area: tokenization assets, supply chain
Goal: improving the efficiency and transparency of supply chains, elimination of middlemen, reducing costs, reducing risks.
Who is: JPMorgan Chase
Used technology: blockchain Quorum
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Reference: Financial Review

Fujitsu and nine Japanese banks will begin testing a payment clearing network Zengin

Where: Japan
In what field: interbank transactions
Purpose: test the possibilities of the blockchain platform from Fujitsu to interbank transactions in real time
Who is Fujitsu, Mizuho Bank, MUFG Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Resona Bank, The Joyo Bank, THE BANK OF FUKUOKA, THE NISHI-NIPPON CITY BANK, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank The Keiyo Bank
Used technology: blockchain platform from Fujitsu technology Hyperledger Fabric
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Link: press release

Chinese Internet giant opened a research laboratory to explore blockchain technology

Where: Beijing (China)
In what area: a study of the protocols of the consensus, the protection of confidential data, security of decentralized applications (dapps)
The aim of the blockchain innovation, study the effectiveness of dapps, the promotion of new technologies
Who is:, computer College, Ying Wu, Institute of Technology, NJ (NJIT), the Institute of software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS).
Used technology: blockchain solutions
Link: press release

The authorities of Dubai and IBM to implement the blockchain in public administration

Where: United Arab Emirates
In which field: public administration
Goal: improving the efficiency of public services, minimize paperwork, lower costs of organizations, increase the reliability of data storage
Who’s involved: government of Dubai, IBM
Technology used: IBM Cloud BaaS-a solution Dubai Blockchain Platform
Estimated date of implementation: 2021

Also this week ForkLog reported that:

  • Hong Kong stock exchange will implement the blockchain in the settlement and clearing system
  • Microsoft will implement blockchain technology Azure in the financial infrastructure of the stock exchange Nasdaq
  • The company Singapore Power Group has launched a blockchain marketplace for electricity trade.
  • ALROSA and De Beers uses the blockchain to track the supply chain of diamonds

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