In the next review of the recent initiatives of the blockchain such areas of application, such as copyright, public procurement and energy.

Sony uses the blockchain to manage the copyrights of digital content

Where: Japan
In what area: management of copyright
Goal: automation and improvement of efficiency of management of copyright for digital content (text and other types)
Those involved in: the Sony Group
Technology used: IBM development framework Hyperledger Fabric
Estimated date of implementation: unknown

The Japanese company, and Tokyo University will evaluate the potential of blockchain-based platform for energy trading

Where: Japan
In what field: solar energy, trade
Goal: create a platform based on a distributed registry for trading renewable energy
Who trains: Kansai Electric Power Co. [Kepco], Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Nihon Unisys and the University of Tokyo
Technology used: unknown
Estimated date of implementation: unknown

The Asian development Bank has proposed the establishment of cross-border public procurement system on the blockchain

Where: Philippines
In what area: public procurement
Goal: create a blockchain network to improve the efficiency of public procurement at the international level, the nodes which will perform the national digital system
Estimated date of implementation: unknown

Also this week ForkLog reported that:

  • Became known release date blockchain HTC Exodus;
  • Telegram will begin testing blockchain platform TON in late autumn;
  • Bitfury will help the SKOLKOVO residents to implement the blockchain in their products;
  • The bill gates Foundation have entered into a partnership with blockchain startup Coil;
  • The canadian company will develop a blockchain-based platform for the cannabis industry;
  • D3ledger offered to store scriptactive with distributed digital Depository.