In the next review of the recent initiatives of the blockchain such scope, such as: customs, insurance, stock market, telecommunications, alternative energy and trade Finance.

U.S. customs until the end of the year will appreciate the results of the pilot blockchain project

Where: USA
In what field: custom
Goal: increase transparency of supply chains of imported goods and the efficiency of the implementation of the rules of the free trade agreement NAFTA
Who is involved in: Customs and border protection U.S.
Technology used: unknown
Estimated date of implementation: end of December 2018
Reference: website Department

In Australia test of the ability of the blockchain to optimize payments to persons with disabilities

Where: Australia
What: insurance, social security
Goal: personalize and increase the efficiency of the insurance payment, reducing the amount of paper work and bureaucratic procedures
Who is the Federal science Agency of Australia (CSIRO), Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Technology used: own development CSIRO
Estimated date of implementation: information about the test results and the possible timing of the project will appear next month
Reference: CSIRO

Innovation center “Iteco” began to register mortgage transaction on the basis of “Mastercam”

Where: Russia
In what area: securities market
Goal: increased transparency and process optimization securities, shortening the electronic transmission of a mortgage for recording and storage, improving customer experience, simplifying the process of securitization of mortgages, reduction of costs for document management
Those involved in: Association “FINTECH” innovation center “Iteco”
Technology used: platform “Mastercam” development “Iteco”
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Reference: cnews

The British office of communications received a grant of £700 thousand on the introduction of the blockchain in the system manage phone numbers

Where: United Kingdom
In what area: telecommunications
Goal: upgrade telephony infrastructure, reducing costs, improving customer experience
Those involved in: the British office of communications (Ofcom), the Department for business, energy and industrial strategy
Technology used: unknown
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Link: Ofcom

The Thai authorities are exploring the potential of the blockchain for trade Finance and intellectual property

Where: Thailand
In any area: intellectual property, trade Finance
Goal: increasing the transparency and acceleration of processes, reduction of costs, increase of efficiency of registration of companies
Who is involved: the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand
Technology used: unknown
Estimated date of implementation: February 2019
Reference: Bangkok Post

The public utilities Commission of the state of Nevada uses the blockchain for electricity

Where: Nevada
In what area: alternative energy
Purpose: increase transparency and efficiency of electricity metering
Who is involved: the public utilities Commission of Nevada
Technology used: unknown
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Reference: American Public Power Association

Also this week ForkLog reported that:

  • Launched on blockchain platform IBM Food Trust
  • The Ground unit X, the South Korean giant Kakao introduced the concept of a blockchain platform Klaytn
  • Auction house Christie’s will implement a blockchain trading system
  • Mastercard received a patent for technology multi-currency blockchain systems
  • Forbes, in partnership with Civil platform will begin to publish content on the blockchain
  • IBM can help banks of Azerbaijan to implement the blockchain in cash
  • In the Chinese province of Hainan appeared free blockchain experiments

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