American technology giant Oracle announced that expands the possibilities of the blockchain-Blockchain platform Oracle Platform, updating it to version 19.1.3. Reportedly, this was done to simplify the integration process of the existing business and IT systems, as well as accelerate the development and implementation of blockchain applications. Thus, with the changes in the company’s plans for the introduction of its blockchain platform in companies around the world.

New solutions include a number of tools for developers, control of user identities and data integration, including support for Hyperledger Fabric 1.3, extended transaction history and statistics, as well as REST APIs, Federation, identity providers and third-party certificates for registration of client organizations in the network.

According to Oracle, its platform is successfully used by companies such as Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN), China Distance Education Holdings, Circulor, SERES, a ready to implement Arab Jordan Investment Bank, Certified Origins, NeuroSoft, TradeFin, HealthSync, OriginTrail, ICS FS SDK.Finance and customs of Nigeria.

Recall that in the year 2017, and Oracle has joined the international initiative of the Hyperledger Project and launched for corporate clients blockchain Blockchain service Oracle Cloud Service. In 2018, the company has been implementing in the action block chain platform-as-services and applications based on a distributed registry.