A former partner at Andreessen Horowitz and former technical engineer Coinbase Preeti, Caseready said that there is no “right answer” in the debate on a possible mechanism of recovery of funds in the Ethereum blockchain. These words came during her speech at the conference EDCON, reports CoinDesk.

According to Caseready, now Executive Director of the blockchain startup TruStory, now is a very important moment when the Ethereum community must clearly define its collective ideals and rules.

Note, the dispute about whether to spend in the Ethereum hardforce to recover funds lost as a result of hacker attacks or technical failures, is from November of last year.

For example, in late April, representatives of the community voted against Ethereum unlock ETH 513 000 (U.S. $350 million) in purses Parity with multipoles, which were frozen as a result of vulnerability in the smart contract. And it’s not the only case — as the newspaper notes, last year the developers MyEtherWallet and Kraken have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars custom due to errors in the address generator Ethereum.

Also last week, some developers have warned that due to the lack of consensus on the issues of restoration of funds to the blockchain Ethereum could face a split. In turn, Caseready during his speech, tried to analyze the political and technical aspects and different viewpoints of all the participants.

“It is obvious that there is no correct answer, because if he did exist, we would have already accepted it. Now we are trying to find a universal solution that suits everyone. I don’t think it exists” — sure, Caseready.

In addition, some developers and investors Ethereum held a private meeting ahead of the conference, which discussed possible mechanisms for decision-making on the Ethereum platform.

In turn, Caseready noted that this method of formal control is not the best way. Instead, she urged the community to finally define the basic principles that must adhere to the network when making decisions.

“This is a defining moment for Ethereum, because the response must comply with our General social and political norms. If to be honest, I don’t know what is the norm. And that’s why we’re stuck in this debate” — summed up Caseready.

We will remind, earlier in a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain revealed over 34 thousand vulnerabilities.