The share of the largest mining pools Antpool and in General Hasrat network bitcoin is gradually reduced. This observation, in particular, shared a frequenter of Twitter and cryptoanalysis ArminVanBitcoin (A v B).

BTC Antpool dot com and continue losing their dominance of the hash rate. Smaller pools are now in the lead. Ahh … the power of competition in a global market. Sorry fudsters, mining is actually becoming more decentralized. 🍻👍 #bitcoin

— A v B ⚡ (@ArminVanBitcoin) 2 August 2018 R.

In his opinion, smaller pools are gradually winning back market share, and mining in General is becoming more decentralized.

If we compare the current data on the distribution of capacities with the picture a month ago, it appears that controlled Bitmain pools and Antpool have not 42, and about 30 percent of the total bitcoin hash rate yet. This in turn reduces the likelihood of so-called “attack of 51%”.

Among the commentators are often skeptical. One of these suggested that pools could switch to production Bcash (Bitcoin to Cash).

Because they swing their hashpower Bcash?

— AltsBryan⚡ (@AltsBryan) 2 August 2018 R.

ArminVanBitcoin told him that if that did happen, the difference would be insignificant, since the production Bcash account for approximately 7.6% of bitcoin hash rate yet.

The hashpower of #bcash is around 7.6% of #bitcoin. So we are talking about a possible 1% hash power being swapped. Even if this was actually happening, it is pretty insignificant.

— A v B ⚡ (@ArminVanBitcoin) 2 August 2018 R.

We will remind, recently the largest manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain pledged monthly to report on their own mining facilities.