Associate Professor of Economics at the state University of new York at stony brook Noah Smith believes that the first cryptocurrency only three possible scenarios of development. In his opinion, bitcoin can be replaced by the us dollar in international settlements or the digital equivalent of gold. Otherwise it will die.

What does the future hold for Bitcoin? @Noahpinion outlines three scenarios ➡

— Bloomberg Crypto (@crypto) 11 Jul 2018

Smith is convinced that in the future, this cryptocurrency is able to displace the U.S. dollar in the future and take his place as an international means of payment. In favor of this version are Jack Dorsey of Twitter, and Steve Wozniak, a former top Manager of Apple, believes that bitcoin in the next decade may become the native currency of the Internet.

The second possible outcome for bitcoin is to become the digital equivalent of gold and a safe haven for investors in times of crisis in the financial markets. In this case, the first bitcoin manages to replace Fiat money.

The third option bitcoin – a total collapse. In this version of the future, bitcoin will be forgotten.

According to Smith, the easiest way to bitcoin – “gold”. The expert said that judging by the dynamics of the pair BTC/USD and inflation of the American dollar, is the most likely option. However, bitcoin is different from gold that cryptocurrency capable of dividing into smaller parts that can come under daily payments.

Note that a week ago their opinion on the value of bitcoin in the future was expressed by Director General of the British financial portal ADVFN Clem chambers. In his opinion, the price of bitcoin could rise to $100 thousand due to the lack of a sufficient number of Fiat currencies.