Management of financial services of new York (NYDFS) issued to the operator of bitcoin ATMs Cottonwood Vending LLC for a license to operate with virtual currencies.

Grants DFS Virtual Currency License to Cottonwood Vending LLC, Continues to Advance Responsible Innovation in New York’s Fintech Industry

— NYDFS (@NYDFS) 31 January 2019 R.

The company announced in her Twitter that she got a 14th account license NYDFS.

We achieved what many said was impossible. CWV is now the proud recipient of the 14th Virtual Currency License issued by the NYDFS! #cottonwoodvending

— Cottonwood Vending (@CoinBTM) 31 January 2019 R.

About the company bit of information. So, her Twitter account States that Cottonwood Vending is the largest bitcoin service provider in the state of new York. Information about the installed ATM is on the site of the company.

At Cottonwood Vending in new York has a serious competitor — Coinsource, received Regulations at the end of last year. Also recently licensed NYDFS has received the operator of a bitcoin ATM LibertyX.

Recall that just two months the number of bitcoin ATMs in Russia decreased by 32% with 75 to 51.