Sites decentralized exchange OpenLedger (и were victims of phishing. June 2, team members OpenLedger published a post in which it warned users, stating that “it is unsafe to use a domain, even if the URL is indicated as a credible”, and asked: to use only one domain:

The article on the website Medium, the representatives of the stock exchange explained:

Our GoDaddy account was hacked and now the domains and controlled by the attackers. Trying to get the user credentials of the exchange, these domains they launched the site, the interface which copies the original exchange site.

According to the authors of the post, the lawyers OpenLedger and representatives of GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name Registrar, cooperating, seeking a way out of the situation. However, they write, “because of the complex legal parameters of GoDaddy solution to the problem may require time.” The specific term is not named. In anticipation of this moment, “trade, input and output means and transfers for all accounts are suspended” beginning June 2.

While users are advised to access OpenLedger across domains and Although BitShares was not directly affected by the attack, users are advised to abandon input and output means. Users who fear that criminals gained access to their accounts, we suggest you contact support on the website and change code from BitShares on the website

Phishing attacks remain a serious problem in the cryptocurrency sector. So, this year MyEtherWallet was the victim of such an attack that led to the theft of 515 ETH.